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Armour Tech ULTRA Gels

Armour Tech ULTRA Gels

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Our top of the line, flag-ship gel ball!

Size/consistency: 7.2-7.3mm

Colour: Clear/Frosted

Weight per gel: 0.21g

Bag size: 90g

Idea barrel ID: 7.3mm

Armour Tech Ultra Gels are designed for those who want the best. They require extra care during the grow process and will work best in modified gel blasters.

To grow:

  • Grow 1 tablespoon of gels with 2 cups of CLEAN water (this is very important). The best water to use is Demineralised water, which is available for ~$4 per 5 litres at most Bunnings stores, in the cleaning isle.
  • Grow for at least SIX (6) hours, but for best consistency, grow for TWELVE (12) hours.
  • If growing in a bottle or bucket, be sure to agitate the water every 30 minutes (stir, or lightly shake to move the gels in the water). Alternatively, they can be grown in a flat dish such as a baking tray.
  • Once grown, remove from water with a strainer then store in an airtight container, away from sunlight or other direct sources of heat.
  • Do not refrigerate
  • Do not use refrigerated water (this will lead to broken gels during the grow)
  • Do not use any additives
  • Only use on a purpose built gel ball field
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