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ARP9 tan

ARP9 tan

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  • Avoid aiming at the eyes or face.
  • Only use projectiles recommended or supplied by the manufacturer to prevent potential injuries.
  • Misuse of the product may result in eye injuries during operation.
  • ALWAYS wear safety glasses during use.

Attention: After use, ensure to switch off or remove Li-ion batteries from the item to prevent over discharge, which may result in permanent damage to the battery.

Product Details:

  • Release Date: Nov. 2022
  • Model: X9
  • Type: Automatic, battery operated
  • Firing Modes: Full-auto & Semi-auto (MOSFET Version)
  • Features:
    • Crafted with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship
    • Designed and built with meticulous attention to detail
    • Heavy and well-distributed weight for stability
    • 2-piece split nylon receiver for durability
    • Strong metal and nylon construction from tip to stock
    • No.2 Metal Gearbox
    • 1.3mm Spring
    • 18:1 Gear ratio
    • Metal Handguard
    • Metal inner barrel
    • Metal outer barrel to reduce vibration
    • Metal handle grip cover
    • Metal ejection cover
    • Metal trigger
    • Metal part end of the stock
    • CNC metal pin and switch
    • Two metal stock guide rail
    • Lettering on Receiver for authenticity
    • Reinforcement – Solid metal rod for added strength
    • Extendable stock for customization
    • Charging handle opens dust cover for realism
    • Rails on top sides for tactical attachments
  • Compatible with: 7-8mm gel balls
  • Performance with 7.4v battery:
    • Up to 330 feet per second! (260-280 avg)
    • Up to 11 rounds per second
    • Up to 25m shooting distance
  • Performance with 11.1v battery:
    • Up to ‎260 feet per second (240-250 avg)
    • Up to 20 rounds per second!
    • Up to 25m shooting distance
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Brand new ARP9 Metal Upgraded Versions Gel Blaster
    • 1 x Magazine
    • 1 x 11.1v rechargeable battery
    • 1 x 11.1V USB charger
    • 1 x Safety glasses

Experience the power and precision of the Brand New ARP9 Metal Upgraded Versions Gel Blaster. Order now and elevate your gel blasting experience!

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