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Lee Enfield

Lee Enfield

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Lee Enfield 303

Steeped in history, and a favourite rifle of the armed forces of the British Empire for many years, M4A1 is proud to introduce the Lee Enfield 303 replica to the gel blaster market. The Lee Enfield is a bolt action, magazine-fed, CO2 powered repeating rifle.


Bayonet Mount

The barrel of the Lee Enfield is fitted with an original bayonet mount, iron sights and sling mounts, all wrapped in a classic (real) timber stock.

Bolt Action

A full functioning and all-metal bolt action is what operates this gel blaster. Giving you a realistic firing action every time you take a shot. The CO2 bulb fits into the magazine which holds your gels.

Perfect For the Reenactor

This perfectly finished Lee Enfield will be at home in any collection or on the field of your next Live Action Role Play game.

Due to the power of this gel blaster, the Lee Enfield must use AUSGEL Ultra gels. Furthermore, the bolt must be in the rearward position to remove or insert the magazine, failure to do so will damage the magazine or magazine latch.



Please remember to check all local laws regarding the usage and ownership of gel blasters in your particular State or Territory.
Use protective eyewear at ALL times as incorrect usage can lead to eye damage.
Gelblasters must be concealed during transport and used in designated areas.
* Note gels supplied are usually of low quality it is highly recommended to use Ausgel gels for best results


  • Full timber stock and handguard
  • Metal receiver, inner and outer barrel
  • Brass butt plate
  • 300+FPS with a fresh CO2 bulb


Package Includes
  • Lee Enfield Gel Blaster
  • CO2 Magazine
  • Speedloader
  • Allen Key
  • Safety Glasses
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