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MP7 Electric Blaster

MP7 Electric Blaster

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  • Avoid aiming at the eyes or face.
  • Only use projectiles recommended or supplied by the manufacturer to prevent potential injuries.
  • Misuse of the product may result in eye injuries during operation.
  • ALWAYS wear safety glasses during use.


  • After use, ensure to switch off or remove Li-ion (or Li-Po) batteries to prevent over-discharge, which could lead to permanent battery damage.

Brand: Bing Feng Released: May. 2021 Type: Automatic / Battery Operated Firing Mode: Full Auto Features:

  • Full Solid Nylon Body
  • High-Quality Surface Finish
  • Full Black (Charcoal Rubber Paint) Colour Scheme
  • Full Nylon Gearbox
  • Nylon Gears
  • Compatible with 11.1v Battery
  • Uses 7-8mm Gel Balls

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Nylon NEW VERSIONS GEN4 MP7 V4
  • 1 x Magazine
  • 1 x 11.1V Li-Po Battery
  • 1 x Charging Line
  • 1 x Adjustable Handle


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