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Shanying Strike Industries

Shanying Strike Industries

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Manual pistol

Model: strike industries Manual Springer Gel Blaster Type: Manual, Mechanical, Spring-Powered (Single shot, rack the slide for each reload) Action: Single-Shot Pull-Back Scale: 1:1 Ratio Construction: Metal Slide and Polymer Body Magazine: Spring-fed, single-stack (for Gels) Micro darts are loaded from the barrel end, and each slide rack. Darts do not fit in the magazine. Magazine Capacity: Approximately 9 to 10 Gel Balls (depending on Gel brand and variance in size) Gel Ball Size: 7-8mm (sold separately) or Micro Nerf Darts Performance:

  • Velocity: Up to 130 Feet per Second (When using Gels)
  • Firing Distance: Up to 15 meters Note: 1 Shot per Pull Back of the Slide, then to load the next gel the slide needs to be racked again.
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