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SKD M4 with drum mag

SKD M4 with drum mag

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The SKD M4 Drum Mag CQB Gel Blaster is a remarkably cost-effective option in the blaster market, making it an ideal choice for those entering the hobby or individuals on a tight budget.

  • Fire Modes: The blaster features two fire modes: "Off" and "Full Auto." Please note that the markings around the fire selector are purely aesthetic.
  • Performance: Despite being a full nylon blaster, its performance is impressive. It includes notable features such as a voltage meter above the pistol grip and an illuminated replica sight with a green reticle. Users have the option to choose between the Replica Green Holo Sight or the plastic "iron" sights, depending on preference.
  • Assembly: Assembling the Gel Blaster is straightforward and requires no prior knowledge or special tools. The instruction sheet, provided in English, is easy to follow. Installation of the sights is simple: the plastic "iron" sights are friction-fit and only need to be pushed firmly into place. The Replica 551 Holo Sight comes with a small knob for loosening and tightening the mounting on the picatinny-style top rail.


  • Do not modify any part of the toy gel blaster as this will void the warranty. Modifications include disassembly, changing springs, or upgrading the battery from 7.4v to 11.1v.


  • 1 x Gel blaster
  • 1 x Packet of Gels
  • 1 x Safety Glasses
  • 1 x 7.4v Battery with JST connection
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Plastic Replica Illuminating 551 Sight
  • 1 x Optional Plastic "Iron" sights
  • 1 x Plastic Foregrip
  • 1 x Buffer tube
  • 1 x Orange Flash Hider (Plastic)
  • 1 x Holographic Sight (Plastic)

Additional Information:

  • Gel blasters are toys and are not considered weapons or firearms.
  • Always wear appropriate eye protection and adhere to all reasonable safety precautions when using our products.


  • Type: SKD M4 Drum Mag CQB Gel Blaster Toy
  • Voltage: 7.4
  • Fire Rate: Approximately 14 Rounds Per Second (RPS)
  • Speed: Averaging 170 Feet Per Second (FPS)
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