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WELL MP5k (Green Gas)

WELL MP5k (Green Gas)

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Well MP5k V3

We have made it better, the Well MP5k V3 is a green gas powered Sub Machine Gun (SMG). It has a classic design of the H&K MP5k PDW and is constructed with a high-quality polymer body with metal internals.


True SMG

A Submachine Gun (SMG) has been the perfect side arm for ages. The real steel version is well used by military, law enforcement and security world wide.

Green Gas Powered

The Well MP5k is a power house running on green gas, the magazine can hold 20 gels, and has a fire rate second to none.

Main or Side Arm

Carry as a main blaster or a side arm, the MP5k is ready to go right out of the box.


Please remember to check all local laws regarding the usage and ownership of gel blasters in your particular State or Territory.
Use protective eyewear at ALL times as incorrect usage can lead to eye damage.
Gelblasters must be concealed during transport and used in designated areas.
* Note gels supplied are usually of low quality it is highly recommended to use Ausgel gels for best results


  • Solid polymer body with metal internals
  • Functional charging handle (Whilst H&K slaps are cool, they aren't recommended)
  • Ambidextrous fire select with safe, semi, and auto fire modes
  • Green Gas magazine
    • 1 x Well MP5K
    • 1 x Stop and think campaign leaflet
    • 1 x safety glasses
    • 1 green gas magazine
    • *1 small packets of gels
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